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Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Beautiful Kiss

The first kiss of the Married life.

I love to take Wedding Photographs there is always something nice to snap a quick picture of. Finding the right angel to take a picture is what you need to look for as a wedding photographer. This particular photo off on the left here took some lining up to get it either I was off by a little bit and couldn't see the side of her face and I shifted just a little bit I was able to get this picture which was the perfect angle to get of them kissing.

Scout the location

Kiss in the Moonlight

Melina in the moonlight

One of the most important things that you can do as a wedding photographer is to scout the location especially if it is outside. If you just go with the client to where they would like to take the pictures outside chances are that you will still get a good photo but it will take longer to set the client up in the poses that they want to get the correct lighting. But if you go before hand you can scout the entire location to find the best places to shoot the pictures at. It lets you get a feel for the location before the Client actually gets there and more often than not I have found that they will ask you for suggestions on where to take pictures.


As a wedding photographer many of the clients that I have had request to take outside pictures because they like the ground around the building where they got married or they already know that they want some outside pictures. The also happen to be some of my favorite shots because you can use either the sun or the moon as an additional light source and it can make for a really great picture. If you look at the picture above there is a great outline around the couple as they kiss.

Get the Shots that Count

The bond of time and eternity

Wedding Rings

Happy couple

Beautiful shot of both scenery and the Couple

You need to make sure that you grab the best shots available. As a wedding photographer the whole job that you are in charge of is finding the best shots to get for the happy couple couple on their wedding day. Many wedding photographers end up walking around looking for good opportunities to grab the best pictures. I have had to lie down on the ground, climb trees, and just get into all sorts of weird positions so that I could get the best picture  for the couple. I have even seen some photographers lie down in a puddle because it offered the best angle to get the best picture. But the best point that I can make about being a wedding photographer is to have fun while taking pictures, enjoy what you are doing.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer