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a picture of me - Steven HowesHello, I'm Steven

     I grew up in a home with a father who is blind in one eye and completely color blind (he see's things just like a black and white TV). What does that have to do with anything? Well, it is because of that I learned to really appreciate color and what I am able to see. It's amazing how limiting it is when you can't use color as a descriptor. Let me give an example, say you are trying to point out a green car in a parking lot, think about how you might have to describe which car it is in a massive parking lot. Another could be trying to match up colored wires. I think realizing what it is like to not see, or see colors is quite a lot of the driving factor that really got me into photography. Because of that, I see things differently than most.

     I love the artistic light aspect of photography. Photography is the "Art of Light." That is really what cameras capture... light. To really capture a feel or look of something or someone, the light needs to be right. Be it the right angle, brightness, color, intensity, and so many other things to get that perfect shot. I am constantly studying light so that I can bring a photo to life, not just take a picture, but create it! I try my hardest to get the picture perfect straight from the camera. I feel if I can control the light and the camera together and create beautiful images without the computer, that is where the real talent is. I am a little partial, but I like to think my work is great! You don't have to take my word for it and the best thing might be to check out some customer testimonials. Below are a couple:


"An absolute fantastic job! Steven's artistic talent taking the perfect picture at the perfect time capture the true feelings of the moment and gave us memories to last a lifetime!"
                 - Scott R.


"It was by far our best picture experience."
                 - Hyrum W.


What makes me different?

Because of my experiences and how I was raised, I see things differently. As we all do. We are all unique and different. No one sees things the same way I do. They might see it similarly, but not exactly the same. This past year, I met some other guys that enjoy photography, and have really watched to see how each of us, in the same conditions comes up with such a different image than the other. I've always noticed that all photographers come up with different shots. We all have our own unique perspective.

I enjoy helping others out with learning about photography. I come from a long line of photographers. My Grandfather was a photographer and my Great Grandfather was a photographer. In fact, the background images of old cameras were my Great Grandfather's which I just recently came across and took those pictures on my kitchen table. I think it is so much fun to try to turn something simple or ordinary into an image that is just amazing.

I have been into photography for many years. I started out snapping pictures of my kids and a lot of nature. I especially have an affinity toward sunsets. I love the colors! The way they just splash over the clouds, paint the mountains, and bring life to everything else.

Photography is a form of art, therefore I am not the right photographer for everyone. I hope you will take a look through some of the photographs here on my site and see if we might be a match. When you are choosing a photographer, you need to look at what their work is like and make sure you like their style. Thanks for reading this, and I hope to work with you in the near future!


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