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About me

About me

Freelance Designer, Developer & Traveller

Hi I’m Steven

I grew up in a home with a father who is blind in one eye and completely color blind (he see's things just like a black and white TV). What does that have to do with anything? Well, it is because of that I learned to really appreciate color and what I am able to see. It's amazing how limiting it is when you can't use color as a descriptor. Let me give an example, say you are trying to point out a green car in a parking lot, think about how you might have to describe which car it is in a massive parking lot. Another could be trying to match up colored wires. I think realizing what it is like to not see, or see colors is quite a lot of the driving factor that really got me into photography. Because of that, I see things differently than most.

I come from a long line of photographers. My Grandfather was a photographer and my Great Grandfather was a photographer. In fact, the background images of old cameras were my Great Grandfather's which I just recently came across and took those pictures on my kitchen table. I think it is so much fun to try to turn something simple or ordinary into an image that is just amazing. I have been into photography for many years. I started out snapping pictures of my kids and a lot of nature. I especially have an affinity toward sunsets. I love the colors! The way they just splash over the clouds, paint the mountains, and bring life to everything else.